As you may know if you follow me on Instagram I am getting married next year and I decided to talk a bit about my experience so far as a bride-to-be.

It all started a few months ago on April 3rd when my sweet fiance proposed to me and it was the most magical moment of my life and I can’t get over how special he made everything. It happened in Maldives and we had the most romantic dinner with the beach only for ourselves.




The engagement ring is named Cartier Destinee which symbolizes our destiny to be together.

I am a very romantic person and I believe in love and I am so happy that I found it. Getting married was one of my little girl’s dreams and I am so grateful that I found my perfect man who has filled my life with happiness and love.


In my opinion, the wedding day is definitely one of the most special days of our lives and I want it to be perfect. We are having two celebrations so there will be two wedding days. One of them will be by the sea and the other one in a castle.


Since we are living in such a beautiful city as Dubai we decided to make a special celebration right here. I am a sea lover and getting married by the sea was always a dream for me.

Dubai has so many beautiful buildings and we decided to make a combination between the sea and the beautiful skyline and we found the perfect location and I am honestly so excited about it since Dubai is our home.

Here is some inspiration that I found on Pinterest in case any of you out there are planning a wedding by the sea or just want to see some eye candy.




Our second wedding is going to be in Germany and we decided to have it in a castle. I want the complete fairytale and I want to be a princess for one day and what a better place to feel this way than in an actual castle. We haven’t started looking for castles yet but we are going to Germany soon and I am so excited about it.

Here is again some inspiration from Pinterest.


To end this post I want to share with you what I learned so far from planning my wedding:

  1. It is okay to be a Bridezilla. A lot of people call the brides like this when they are too perfectionists and this term definitely needs to die. Honestly, if something should be perfect and exactly how you want it then it is your wedding day. This is the most special day of your life and it should be what you have always dreamed about.
  2. Get a wedding planner. I read a lot of stories and I got to the conclusion that a wedding planner is essential especially on your wedding day when you just want to celebrate and be happy and not to be bothered with any problems at all. We got a wedding planner for both of our weddings and it is going to be so much easier not having to search / organize everything yourself.
  3. Enjoy planning your wedding. This is the most beautiful day of your life and planning it should be something exciting. Take time in advance for everything so you don’t need to rush and be stressed.

Lastly I want to say congratulations to all brides-to-be out there and thank you so much for stopping by! If you have any advice when it comes to planning the wedding please let me know in the comment section. I would love to know it!!!



  1. Both your weddings are going to be beautiful Anda! I am so excited that you will be blogging about your wedding planning.

    I love your proposal story, and your Cartier engagement ring is truly stunning, your fiancé has excellent taste!

    It’s great that you chose to enlist the help of a wedding planner, I regretted not doing this when we got married – we could have avoided so many mishaps and unnecessary disagreements.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much dear Steffy for taking the time to read and for your kind words.
      Regarding my engagement ring I may have suggested this ring to my fiancé so it was not his decision entirely but he chose it between some styles that I said I liked 😄.
      We decided to get a wedding planner because I read a lot of stories and a lot of people were complaining about the stress that you can get especially on your wedding day.


  2. Anda, I love your Style of writing. The story of your engagement is so sweet. Planing a weeding is so exciting. You have such a great taste and Dubai is such a beautiful location. And I am quite sure you will find a beautiful castle in Germany to have the second wedding party.

    Have a beautiful week.

    Love, Esther


    1. Thank you so much much Esther for your kind words and for taking the time to read ❤️. I am very excited about the wedding and I think is one of the most beautiful days of our lives ❤️.


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