Autumn- Winter Trends 2017

Autumn season is here already and even though I live in Dubai where it is pretty much summer all year round I want to share with you some of my favorites fashion trends for this season.


elle-aw17-trends-redRed is huge this season! At the fashion week you could see already the bloggers wearing at least a piece of clothing in red or even red head to toe. If you are confident it is very fashionable to have your full outfit in red. A statement bag or boots in red would make your outfit stand out from the crowd. A trench coat in red is definitely a must in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

My favorite boots are the Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga

My favorite coats: Burberry and Max Mara



If your style is extravagant and you are a true fashionista than these boots are made for walking! The Saint Laurent  boots are definitely going to get you in the center of attention but since they are made of crystals they are insanely expensive. My favorite ones are from Giuseppe Zanotti




Velvet has been around for sometime and is not going anywhere this season either. From clothing to accessories you need to have something velvet in your closet. Velvet is very luxurious and I totally love how it feels on your body.

My favorites are the Gucci Marmont bags and the Dolce & Gabanna boots.



Another big trend is to have the logo written all over the clothes or accessories. A lot of brands like Gucci have either sweaters or t-shirts and I am considering getting one for myself. The Givenchy sweater is beautiful as well.



I personally love floral prints. Especially in the summer I love to wear floral dresses and I am happy that the trend continues for fall and winter.

What are your favorites trends for this season?


4 thoughts on “Autumn- Winter Trends 2017

  1. Hi Anda!

    Great autumn trends post! I agree I have seen so much red already on Instagram.

    I have also been contemplating getting a logo t-shirt from Gucci! Love the Gucci Marmont bag as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much my dear Steffy for taking the time to read. Gucci has never been on my radar because I always thought the collection is just trendy and it will go out of style soon but now is really growing on me. I love the marmot bags, the t-shirts and the belts and not to mention the shoes ❤️.
      Your Gucci belt is really beautiful ❤️


      1. With the exception of the Gucci loafers I too never really had the brand on my mind, but I have to admit their belts and logo tees (which are sold out online and in the Zurich boutique) have really caught my eye!


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