Max Factor Pro Color Correcting Review

Influenster Middle East was kind enough to send me the new Max Factor products and I want to review them for you and show you step by step how I did my makeup!

Step 1: I used the 3 CC sticks to correct any imperfections that I had on my face before applying anything else on my face. I never used this sticks before but I was really happy with the quality especially for the green one.


Green Color Correct stick: Neutralizes redness



This stick is amazing if you have redness on your skin and I applied it on my T zone where I usually have more redness.

Pink Color Correct Stick: Corrects Dark Spots


You can apply this CC stick to correct any dark spots on your face. I luckily don’t have any dark spots so I only tested this product in a very small area of my face but usually is applied on your forehead and chin.

Yellow Color Correct Stick: Corrects under eyes circles


The Yellow CC stick is great for under eyes circles and is brightening up your face giving you this fresh and young look like you just had 10 hours of sleep.


Step 2: The All Day Flawless Foundation


Honestly I was really impressed by this foundation. It is a 3 in 1 – moisturizer, primer and foundation and it results in a matte finish that is perfect for my oily skin. I felt really good with the foundation on it didn’t felt heavy and it lasted me for more than 8 hours without creasing which is great because on my skin type I find it quite hard to find a foundation that lasts more than few hours.

Step 3: Pan Stick Contouring and Highlighting


Pan Stick Cool Bronze 97 is great for contouring. I apply it to the apples of the cheeks, on my nose and the rest of the face that I feel needs contouring.

Pan Stick True Beige 12 is great for highlight under the eyes, the cheekbones and T-zone. I apply it before blending the contour.


Step 4: Sculpt


I finished the look by adding Creme Puff Blush to enhance my skin tone. This blush gives you a fresh look.

This is the final result:


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