Best Sweaters For This Winter | Christmas Gift Ideas


One thing I love the most about the cold months is that we get to wear those beautiful cozy sweaters. Since I am going soon in my Christmas holiday and I need some new sweaters I decided to share with you my favorite ones and tried to find some that are more special for those days when you want more than just a regular sweater.


This one from SEE BY CHLOE is definitely one of my favorites and the lace up details makes it a statement sweater. Shop here

Balloon sleeved sweaters are very trendy this season and they look great. My personal favorites are the burgundy one by SEA or the grey one by STELLA MCCARTNEY.  Shop here or here

Can’t go through winter without having at least one festive sweater especially for the time around the Christmas holidays. Love the ISABEL MARANT ETOILE ones. Shop the first one here and the second one here.


How beautiful and Christmasy are those FENDI sweaters? I am so in love with both of them and they are definitely on my wishlist. I would love to live in a country with a colder weather so I can justify spending that much on a sweater. Oh well one can always dream. Shop the black sweater here  and the white sweater here.



This GUCCI sweater is my absolute favorite. It is so so beautiful. I guess this sweater would make a perfect Christmas gift. Shop here

Since we are in the Gucci category how cool are these two ? Shop the first one here or the girly pink one here.


This beautiful SELF PORTRAIT one is so much my style. You could definitely wear it for a special occasion. Shop here.


JOSEPH  sweaters are so beautiful and on the more affordable side. How beautiful is this one ? And it is made of wool ,silk and cashmere. Definitely something I want to wear everyday! Shop here


This JOSEPH SWEATER is off the shoulder and it’s made of wool so it will keep you warm in the cold winter days. Shop here.


How beautiful is this SEE BY CHLOE sweater? Love the feminine touch on the neck and sleeves. Shop here.


Christmas is definitely a season where all of us feel our hearts and homes with love. How nice is it to have the message on this cool GIVENCHY SWEATER. Another perfect Christmas present. Shop here


Love this STELLA MCCARTNEY one. Shop here


Last but not least this POLO RALPH LAUREN baby pink sweater. Definitely getting this one since baby pink is one of my favorite colors. Shop here. It comes in grey as well shop here

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