When You Should Not Wear Your Engagement Ring

Hello everyone! There are only three months until my wedding and I have decided to make a new blogpost related to wedding every week on the run-up to my wedding.

In today’s blog post I want to talk with you about the occasions when you should take the engagement ring off. I am so careful with my ring and I can definitely say it’s my most precious thing I own so I take care of it the best I can. So from my own experience I have 8 situations when you should take off your engagement ring!


1. Swimming!

I would never ever take my ring while swimming in the pool or ocean! First of all the water makes your fingers slimmer and you can have a huge risk to loose your ring or any other precious jewellery. Everytime I go to the beach or pool I make sure to take off all my jewellery, especially the engagement ring. Salt and chlorine are also not the best friends for your engagement ring.

2. Working out!

Before you go to the gym make sure you take your ring off! The last thing that you want is to put pressure on the materials that your ring is made of. Platinum or gold are to a certain degree soft and it may happen that on certain exercises you can hit them and bend the shape.

3. Showering!

It is not as dangerous as the pool or the ocean but you can risk loosing your ring while showering as well! Not to mention that shampoo or shower gel will not help your diamond keep it’s sparkle!

4. Manicure!

Another place where I don’t wear my ring it’s at the beauty salon. Doing my manicure it’s of course nice but when you file your nails and all the products that they use might get into the construction of your ring and it is hard to clean it afterwards!

5. Cleaning! 

Not only you can damage the surface of the ring by banging it into the harsh surfaces of the kitchen but you can also alter the color because of the harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia.

6. Cooking!

It is not recommended to wear your ring while cooking because germs and bacteria can easily stick into the ring setting and you can risk the ring slipping off when you rinse anything in the sink.

7. Moisturizing!

Of course we all love to moisture our skins and it’s definitely recommended that you do it every day and for your hands at least two times per day. The engagement ring however may clearly suffer from this if you don’t take it off because the lotion can buildup and diminish the brilliance of your stone.

8. Beauty routine!

The moment I come home I like to take off my engagement ring so I can pamper myself in peace. Creams, lotions, perfume, cosmetics and hairspray can cause damage to your ring overtime.

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