40 Bridal Hairstyles Trends in 2018

In my opinion choosing a hairstyle that suits you is as important as choosing the wedding dress of your dreams. There are so many hairstyles to choose from and I know it can get a little bit confusing. My suggestion is to choose a headpiece that you would like to wear for certain on your hair and start from there. You can choose anything from flowers to tiaras depending of course on your personal taste and the theme that you have for your wedding. If you would like to wear a vail as well make sure to choose the headpiece that can go together with it.

There are only few weeks until my makeup and hair trial and I am searching for the perfect hairstyle for my upcoming wedding myself. One thing I know for sure is that I don’t like my hair up. I have broad shoulders and I think it’s quite unflattering for me to have my hair up. I also love more the romantic style so curls would be the best choice for me.

In terms of trends for 2018 it all depends on the style you are opting for: classic, glamorous or natural. I selected 40 of my favourite hairstyles for up do hair and hair down.

Hair down curls and braids.

I love curls and braids and I found so many amazing styles on Pinterest. It makes it so hard to be able to choose one. I think having your hair down it can look amazing especially if you have medium to long hair. There is a certain elegance and femininity that wearing your hair down gives you.






Up do hairstyles 

Having your hair up gives you a different level of elegance and it definitely creates a very classic and glamorous style. I think having your hair up definitely calls for a tiara. This style is in my opinion very graceful and “royal “. On my second wedding that will be in a castle I am definitely going to wear a tiara and I found a lot of hairstyles that would go with it.








Disclaimer all the pictures in this blogpost are found from Pinterest and I don’t own the rights to any of them.


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