Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Your Wedding Songs

The time when you are walking down the aisle and your first dance are two of the most important moments of your wedding day so choosing the right songs is very important.

In my opinion the song for the first dance in particular has to be a song that has a meaning in your relationship. It can be the first song that you have ever danced together on or a song that you both love and can describe your feelings for each other.

The song for the moment when you are walking down the aisle is very important as well. I am so excited to walk down the aisle with my dad and for the moment when my fiancé will see me for the first time in my wedding dress. This is such a beautiful and emotional moment and choosing the right song for it is very important. We will have a violinist and a flutist that will play the song I chose and I would recommend that you choose someone to play the song as it makes the moment even more emotional than just a recorded song.

Although in my country we don’t have this tradition I would like to have the father and daughter dance as well. I think your wedding is such a beautiful and emotional day for your parents and having a daughter and father song is definitely a moment that both the daughter and the dad will cherish forever.


5 Things to consider before choosing the wedding songs:

  1.DO discuss it with your future husband. All the important songs on your wedding need to be a common decision and both of you should be happy with the song you chose.

 2.DON’T make it a last minute decision. In my opinion the songs need to be chosen at least one month before the wedding so that you have time to perhaps take some dance classes if it’s your first dance song and just listen to it with your partner so that you are both comfortable and it makes it easier to control your emotions on the actual wedding day.

 3.DO keep it a surprise for the guests. In my opinion it is beautiful if the guests actually don’t know the songs that you are about to play as your first dance and walking down the aisle. In this way it is a beautiful surprise for them as well and it makes the moment more emotional.

 4.DO choose the songs that are suitable for your wedding venue. For example if your wedding ceremony is in a church you would need to choose a different song style than you would choose if your ceremony is on a beach.

 5.DON’T forget to choose a song for your walk out, too. This is something that personally happend to me. I was so busy thinking about my first dance song, father and daughter song and of course the song for walking down the aisle that I didn’t realized we need  song for walking out too.


I made a playlist with the most popular songs for all three important moments of your wedding day:

Walking down the aisle songs:


First dance songs:


Father and daughter songs:










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