My Wedding Shoes

My wedding is coming up so close and I have been talking and dreaming about it for so long I can’t believe it is now only few weeks away. I am so excited for everything and I am literally counting the days until the best day of my life!

This will be the last blog post related to wedding I will be posting before my big day and I  have to say I really enjoyed writing about different wedding topics and I will for sure make a blog post and tell you more about my wedding day!

In this week’s post I have decided to talk with you about my wedding shoes! 

When I was searching for my wedding shoes I was looking for both comfort and glamour because let’s be honest the last thing you want on your big day is for your feet to hurt and for the shoes to be uncomfortable. The wedding shoes must be in my opinion glamorous and elegant as well. I wanted to have both traditional and modern style on my wedding shoes and I chose two pairs that I think represents my style the most!

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Style 


Ever since I saw these shoes I always thought that they will be my wedding shoes. I love that they have this princess/ cinderella style and the are a proper traditional wedding shoes. In my opinion every woman should have this type of style on their wedding day. I think the crystals make the shoes very sophisticated and compliment every wedding dress.

In therms of colors I definitely wanted white because I am a traditional type of bride when it comes to this. I think the wedding dress and shoes should be the classic white.  Of course everyone has their own style and personality but for me white was a must!

Heel height. As I told you before comfort was one of the most important qualities I was looking for on my wedding shoes. I chose the 8 cm because they are in my opinion the perfect height. They are not too low and still gives you that beautiful body posture but they are also not too high at the point where they are not comfortable anymore to stay in for more than 12 hours.


The only con that these shoes have it is that they are made out of satin. I love satin and it looks absolutely gorgeous and makes the shoes more special than just a normal leather but  I hope they will not get ruined as I will have an outdoor wedding!

For that reason I chose to have a second pair of shoes to change later on for the party.

Dior J’Adior Kitten Heels


I loved these shoes for a long time and I initially got them for my civil wedding. They were so comfortable I decided to definitely wear them on my wedding day as well. They are made of patent leather so they are very low maintenance as you can just wipe off any dirt that might be on them. I m planning to change from my Manolos into the kitten heels  before the dinner starts because I want to have my first dance in them as I think the kitten heels are very comfortable and I tried already to dance with them on.


The J’Adior kitten heels are definitely a modern design type of shoes and I absolutely love how elegant and feminine they are.

There is not so much difference in therms of height between them as the Dior ones are 6.5 cm and the Manolo Blahnik are 8 cm but I can definitely tell that the Dior kitten heels are more comfortable maybe because they are like a sandals type of shoes and they only have a strap at the back and your feet can breath much more than in the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi that are the classic style of shoes where the feet can’t breath so much or has much space to move.

Our after party will be on a boat as well so I think the kitten heels will be the ones that I will take for the last part of the wedding as the heel is more thick than the Manolo heels.

This is all from me today! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have enjoyed it and let me know in the comment section what wedding shoes are you wearing or you wore on your wedding day? I would love to know that!

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