My Favorite Summer Perfumes

You know how they say that every summer has a story? Well in my case I associate every summer with a fragrance.

During the summer months I like to be as fresh and feminine as possible. Summer fragrances should be in my opinion very light and fresh. I don’t know about you but I don’t like a heavy, strong fragrance during the summer.

In the past two years I tried a few new fragrances for the summer months and I must say I found my favorites!





Who doesn’t want to spend the summer in Italy and more exactly in Portofino? I definitely know I would and in fact is one of the places that I really want to visit! Well since my holidays plans this year don’t include Italy I am just going to resume myself to dreaming about it!

Fleur de Portofino smells like Italy: fresh and sweet! I love the floral scent and this is my go to fragrance in the summer months. Shop here!



gabrielle_chanel_1024x1024Gabrielle is such a classic summer scent. It is a floral perfume mixing Jasmine and Orange Blossom this perfume is as Gabrielle Chanel was: passionate, free and purely feminine. Shop here!




This perfume was actually my wedding fragrance! It is just summer in a bottle! We had our wedding in Dubai by the beach and this was the perfect perfume to describe the place plus the bottle is white so it matches perfectly with the wedding theme. I think this perfume is so refreshing and seductive! The powerful amber sandal-wood notes and white florals make the perfect combination between feminine, delicate and passionate. Shop here!


What is your favorite summer fragrance? I would love to know it!

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