Our Wedding!

28.07.2018 was definitely the best day of our lives! Just thinking about it now puts a big smile on my face and gives me butterflies!

The wedding and honeymoon bubble is real! I can honestly say that I am having the time of my life and I have never been happier and more content with my life than I am right now!


I always dreamed of getting married in a castle and from the first time we saw our wedding castle we knew that this is the one for us! Our wedding took place in Schloss Anholt, a stunning castle in Germany! I would highly recommend it for weddings or just visiting it! It is surrounded by a lake and a park and the restaurant there is very good as well!

THE WEDDING DAY started with us getting ready together! Waking up next to my husband was the perfect way to start the day! From having breakfast together and reading the letters we have written to each other to getting ready together!  We were both so happy and much more relaxed than in Dubai where we followed the tradition and only saw each other at the aisle! PS: (I am thinking about making a blog post about all the traditions that worked and didn’t work for us!). My family and bridesmaids joined to help me get ready as I wanted to still keep the wedding dress as a surprise for my husband and he only saw me in it at the church ceremony!


My wedding dress is from Allure bridals and I chose it because of it’s simplicity! I wanted something classic, pure white that would be suitable for the church and castle! I love the beautiful corset and the princess style so I definitely liked both of my dresses to be this style as I am not a big fan of the mermaid style. For the dinner and party I changed in my wedding dress from Dubai that is more sophisticated and to be completely honest my favorite from the two!



The moments before the church ceremony were the most exciting! I was so nervous and I couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle and to see my husband! Our families, friends and relatives were there and I was so happy to see everyone as well!

The church ceremony was truly amazing and having God’s blessings was really important for both of us! We had a mixed ceremony protestant and romanian orthodox and one of the priests was actually the priest from my hometown and it was really special for me that he was there to give us God’s blessings!





After the church ceremony we had the reception and our dinner and party celebration!


The style that I chose for the dining room was classic and romantic with a mixture of gold and white and touches of pink for the roses! The dining room was yellow painted so it matched perfectly! I wanted to keep everything classy as the celebration was in a castle and I really wanted to have this royal old style!


_dsc9725For the tables we actually chose names from the cities that had a special meaning for us rather than just numbers and the guests were very happy about it as well as many of the city names were related to them! As you can see for the bride and groom table the name was Dubai which is our home and where our first wedding was!


Our wedding cake was pure white with pink roses! We wanted to keep it simple and classic!



The highlight of the party were the fireworks! We had them customised on our first dance song from Dubai “Bon Jovi-Thank you for loving me”. It was such a magical moment and our guests were very happy since we kept it as a surprise for everyone!



For our first dance we chose “Ed Sheeran and Beyonce – Perfect”. This is my favorite song and it’s really amazing to have such a beautiful memory attached to it! We of course partied till the morning afterwards!


This was our perfect wedding and everything we wished for! It was all so magical, perfect and fun that I can’t believe it actually happened! I am so happy to be married with the love of my life and my best friend!

Thank you to everyone that helped us make our dream wedding come true!

Make-up and hair



Location: Schloss Anholt

6 thoughts on “Our Wedding!

  1. What a beautiful and detailed blog post, sweet Anda. Your descriptions including the songs made me feel as if I was there. Both of you are so stunning. Wishing you and Lars all the happiness in the world!! XOXO

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