French Riviera is one of my favorite holiday destinations. There is just something about the cities there that makes me feel so happy and gives me such a good energy!

The thing I love the most about French Riviera is that it’s so stylish yet relaxed and it breathes French glamour from every pore!

There are so many beautiful cities to visit there like Cannes, Monaco, Nice, St Tropez, Eze and Grasse and many other that I haven’t had the chance to visit yet.

I thought I will share with you today my top 5 places to visit while you are there!



Cannes is the city closest to my heart! Since I visited it for the first time 5 years ago I always dreamed of having a house there. There is just something special about this city that makes me come back time and time again and if I could I would definitely move or at least spend my summers there. Cannes is well known because of the film festival happening there every year! If you are visiting in May expect to see lots of celebrities there.


The thing I love the most about Cannes is that it combines fashion and glamour that you will find walking along the Croisette  with the beautiful beach clubs where you can just relax and work on your tan. It offers a great selection of fine dinning and also local restaurants in the old town that are one of my favorite places to eat. Cannes is well known for the night life as well.




Karl Lagerfeld said: “You were never told that Saint Tropez is paradise?” and I must agree! Saint Tropez is probably the most iconic holiday place in the world. Although I haven’t had the luck to meet Karl Lagerfeld just walking around the village I must say he comes there every summer along with many other celebrities. Saint Tropez is definitely the best place to party as well. I have been there few weeks ago and celebrated my birthday and as a party lover myself I have to say that people there like to have a lot fun. There are beach clubs for everyone. From party to relaxed beach day.


Saint Tropez became famous because of Brigitte Bardot. She was there to shoot a movie and Club 55 was actually the place where the crew dined and today is a very famous beach club there.


One more thing that I must add is that if you are a luxury shopping lover as me you will find the most beautiful Chanel boutique there. It is a mansion with a pool inside! Another must place to visit for the fashion lovers is the Dior Cafe.




Although it’s basically not French, Monaco is it’s own country and it’s only two square kilometers, attracts everyone who likes glamour and fashion. If you are a fan of Grace Kelly who once lived here and walked the same streets I would say that Monaco is definitely a must to visit when you are in French Riviera.





This little medieval village situated in the hilltop between Nice and Monaco stole my heart! I must confess I have rarely seen anything more beautiful! After Cannes and Monaco visiting Eze was a breath of fresh air for me.


First of all the views are breathtaking. Eze is located on a hill top of a high cliff so the views to the Mediterranean Sea and French Riviera or Cote d’Azur are really breathtaking! Eze is not so well known to the tourists therefor is much less crowded and quiet. For me the beautiful views and the calmness of the place were just priceless.


The place I loved the most in Eze is Chateau de La Chèvre d’Or. This hotel is absolutely beautiful! It is famous for the beautiful gardens with the exotic animal statues but also has amazing restaurants where you can eat, drink French wine and enjoy the stunning views!



If you love perfumes then you must visit Grasse. This town located on the hills of the French Riviera is the fragrance capital of France. You can visit the international museum for perfume-making, three other perfumeries tours. My favorite and the most famous one was Fragonard. We bought perfumes, candles and home scents and it was truly amazing to see where and how everything is made.



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