What could be more romantic than a city that looks like a beautiful painting that takes you back in time?

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Bruges and Belgium. Me and my husband were invited there for a friend’s wedding and I was so excited to visit Belgium for the first time. I must confess I would have never expected to fall in love with this city so much.



Bruges made me feel like I am in a fairytale with all the beautiful architecture, history and artistic wonders. I could imagine myself being back in the 18th century wearing beautiful gowns wondering around the city.


We took a horse carriage ride through the beautiful medieval buildings, the cobbled streets and water canals. It made me dream that I am in the times where romance and all the great love stories were written.



Fall is one of my favorite seasons and it was so beautiful to see the colors on the buildings in Bruges that resembled so much the palette of autumn colors. I must confess walking around the canal through the multitude of autumn leaves makes the perfect place to cuddle with your loved one. After Paris and Venice, Bruges definitely has to be the most romantic city in the world for me.




Bruges makes you feel like you are in an open air museum, inspiration and masterpieces are all around. This city is in fact the most beautiful historical city I have ever been into and I was so impressed that each building is beautifully preserved and they date even from the 13th century.



It was a short but sweet visit in Bruges and I will definitely come back. I heard that the city looks so magical in winter.


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