This year was very special and exciting for me. From having three wedding celebrations  and planning my weddings every single day to being a guest to other friends weddings.


Having three wedding celebrations was most certainly not easy to plan but it was so worth it. The memories will forever be in our hearts.


Weddings are very special for me and since my church wedding was just two months ago  I still can’t believe that this year is almost at the end and how beautiful everything was.

September was the month were we attended two of our friends weddings. Being a wedding guest made me see things from the other perspective and it was so much fun to enjoy everything without being in the spotlight and without all the emotions and planning.


I think as a wedding guest there are a few things in the dress code off limits. First of all white is off the table. As a recent bride myself I would have been quite unhappy to see someone else wearing white on my big day.

The first wedding that we attended in Mallorca was a destination wedding and the dress code was not very strict. Since it happened on an island I chose a elegant knee length blue dress. In my opinion you can wear this dress all year round since the color and material is not particularly summery. SHOP HERE.


I am quite obsessing over this dress right now and I can’t wait to wear it again. The coral blue stands out from the crowd and the pleated skirt falls so beautifully on your body. Reiss always makes such beautiful clothes and never disappoints me.

The second wedding that we attended last month was in Bruges, Belgium and it was in a beautiful castle. The dress code was more strict and a long cocktail dress was required. I found the perfect lace dress and my favorite details are the off shoulder sleeves.SHOP HERE


This dress is very elegant and the lace is beautiful. I love the corset that it has and the fact that is fitted on your body but it’s not too tight ( loose enough that you can eat and party all night). The color of the dress is beige/pink and I think this color is very suitable for the weddings if you want to wear a lighter color but it’s not at all close to white.





      1. you are totally welcome. and, please let me know if you would like to guest blog on my new engagement page. cheers!


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