To continue my previous blog post DUBAI GUIDE | BEST TIME AND PLACES TO VISIT IN DUBAI today I would like to share with you my favorite restaurants in Dubai.

There is so much variety and so many restaurants to choose from in Dubai that I can honestly say that there is something for everyone. It all comes down to the view, atmosphere and your food preferances.

I am such a creature of habits and all of these restaurants are my favorites and I have been visiting them countless times. I even have a favorite dish that I always order in some of them.

I organized them in three different categories for you depending on what you are interested in:


Dubai is famous for the amazing views and the outstanding architecture of the buildings and as a tourist you definitely want to eat somewhere that has a beautiful view.


First of all there is Burj Khalifa the iconic building of Dubai and the tallest building in the world. Well if you are planning to have an amazing view of it and the fountains I would highly recommend Thiptara. It has a Thai cuisine and it is a fine dining restaurant. The service there is excellent and if you book in advance and request an outdoors table with the Burj Khalifa and fountains view you will have an amazing time there. We even spent our Valentines day there one year. The restaurant has a romantic and private style so I think it is an excellent choice for dinners if you are coming with your partner.

If you want to have high tea or dinner inside Burj Khalifa I would recommend going to Atmosphere. It is a fine dining restaurant and the views from there are amazing.

The second most famous building in Dubai is Burj Al Arab. If you would like to have lunch or dinner with an amazing view of it I have two recommendations.

For lunch or a casual dinner I would recommend Shimmers. It is a beach restaurant and it has the perfect view on Burj Al Arab. This is my favorite beach restaurant in Dubai. I love to watch the sunset from there and just relax on the beach.


If you are looking for a romantic fine dining experience I would recommend Pierchic. Like Thiptara, Pierchic is a very romantic restaurant and it has a spectacular view of Burj Al Arab. The restaurant is literally on the sea at the end of the pier. Even the walk there is very romantic.

Dubai Marina is very famous for it’s skyline. If you would like to have an amazing view on it I would highly recommend those two restaurants:

First of all The Penthouse located in Five Hotel on the Palm has a breathtaking view of the Marina skyline. The atmosphere there is very relaxed and fun so I would highly recommend it if you want to have a fun night. During the lunch time is very casual and quiet.

Another one of my favorite restaurants with the Marina skyline view is 101 in One and Only the Palm. The hotel itself is so amazing and the restaurant is very relaxed, quiet and it gives you a holiday feeling.


In Dubai Marina my favorite place that has a beautiful view on the skyline and the Marina walk is Pier 7. In Pier 7 you will find a good selection of 7 restaurants with different cuisines and the all have outdoors areas where you can sit and have a beautiful view of the Marina skyline.




If you are a foodie that likes to go to exclusive fine dining restaurants well Dubai is the place for it. DIFC is known as the home of most of the fine dining restaurants in Dubai. As most of these restaurants are popular all around the world and don’t really need a description I will just list my favorites:




In this category I am going to include all the restaurants in the malls or beach side that I love going to ( I am literally obsessed with each one of them). Please keep in mind that all these restaurants don’t serve alcohol.



That’s it for today’s blog post. I will be doing a part three sharing my favorite hotels to stay in Dubai. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments section down bellow.



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